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Greetings - I am Tienne Bryan - Your Loc Adornment Creator.
I have been creating Loc Adornments since 2003. I love creating Loc adornmetns and I especially love adorning my costumers. Each time is new to me. I feel those with ROYAL heads are UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL. Natural, is wonderful isn't it!! 
Well you asked for it...  Just added are loc adornments you only see when I am vending.  I often get emails asking for these items, and could I please put them on the website. Well for a short time these speciality items will be available on the website. 

I like to thank you in advance for your interest in TAZ Creations. If you choose to order and add a bit of Pizzazz to your Royal Head I am sure you will enjoy the Experience.
If you are interested in a wholesale purchase - I do offer a wholesale package please email me directly tazcreation@cs.com for more details.
The pics above are for illustration only - not the property of TAZ Creations